Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Baking Supplies for Making Pies - Made in the USA


What is it about this time of year that makes baking pie so much more enjoyable?  Is it the weather?  The company we keep?  The divine aroma that embraces every inch of our homes?  I say, “All of the above!” 

Last year, during my pregnancy

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How To Measure Bra Size and Look Better in Your Clothes

Let the holidays begin!!  With party season and gatherings and gift giving underway, we have plenty on our minds, especially when getting dressed up for these occasions.  A while back, I showed some party dresses on this post.  I also included a Girlfriend's Note, of sorts.  It had to do with undergarments.  Wear properly-fitting bras and no visible panty lines!  This is probably a topic that not many of us will talk about, but because I want us all to shine like the top of the Chrysler building, {a line from the movie Annie - it's a classic} I will talk about it. 

One thing we ladies have in common is our bras.  Whatever your level of show-off-the-girls or cover-them-up, the girls must be catered to and here's how to do it properly.  Making sure that we wear the correct size not only makes them look better, but it also helps us feel better.  The wrong size bra can be uncomfortable and sometimes hindering to your breasts.
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Here is some information from Nordstrom on how to measure yourself to get the correct bra size and what the incorrectly-sized bra will look like.  If you prefer, they have YouTube videos.  Here's one for BRAvo! Nordstrom Fits America.  The other is Nordstrom Fit Fundamentals.
A bra that is too small can cause pain in your back and in your breast.  Your breasts and the skin surrounding the band appear to be spilling out.  While less breast coverage may be the look that you are going for, opting for a push-up bra of the right size can assist you in achieving that look.  This keeps the rest of you locked and loaded where you are supposed to be.  In other words, the skin surrounding your bra band will appear seamless in your outfit, making it a more attractive look for you.

A bra that is too large offers no support whatsoever.  It allows breast tissue to stretch and over time your breasts start becoming friends with your belly.  That's normal during pregnancy, but not any other time.

Some of you may be saying, It was the right size when I bought it.  I've got you covered.  Here is information on how to properly wash your bra.  Laundering a bra correctly can help extend it's life.

From personal experience, I got professionally fitted after having my second daughter.  I had gone up and down so many sizes between two pregnancies and post-partums and breastfeeding that I had no idea what size I was.  I came home with a bra that fit me to a tee.  My dresses and blouses looked so much better.  My shoulders felt comfortable to move around.  I felt as good as a lady feels when she leaves the salon with fabulous hair.  I want that for all of you, especially during this holiday season.  We are meant to shine, Ladies, even if it's just for ourselves!

Here are some made in the USA undergarments.  Enjoy getting dressed!
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Above from left to right:
An Undeniable Glow Bralette
An Undeniable Glow Undies
Commando 'Utopia' Control Camisole
Elegant Underpinnings Slip Corselet in Black from ModCloth

Above from left to right:
Les Coquines 'Valentin' Sequin Triangle Bra
Elegant Underpinnings Slip Corselet in Black
Only Hearts 'Leopard Lace' Underwire Bra

What are your thoughts on this topic?


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Holiday Hair

Whether you are playing hostess or attending the holiday office party, your hair plays just as important a role as that classy dress of yours.  Here are some beautiful and relaxed holiday hairstyles to help you match your inner beauty.  I've also included some for the little ones - so our daughters match Mama.

Have a great time at the party! Happy Holiday Hair!

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday Deals

While some of the Black Friday deals have expired, there are plenty that are still going on.  Here are the sales that kickoff the start of.......
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Family Christian Store
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Hawaii Coffee Company
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Tervis Tumbler

Tiny Prints 
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Wedding Paper Divas
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Jelly Belly
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The Bromwell Company

Old Time Candy Company
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Up to 70% off select K'Nex items, ENDS 12/7/14


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