Thursday, December 1, 2011

Choosing Can Be Puzzling

Choosing gifts for Christmas used to be so simple.  Now with kids, I get overwhelmed.  There are so many wonderful gifts.  I strive to get the girls items that are fun and educational.  I found a puzzle made by Mamasoes that appealed to me.  It has the numbers in bright colors.  Besides the fact that it is Made in the USA, it serves several purposes for both girls.  Lyla can continue to learn her numbers.  Putting together the puzzle assists her with hand-eye coordination and as she puts the puzzle together, she learns color recognition.  This toy would be good for Bina in the simple fact that babies love colors and this puzzle fulfills in that department.  It also does not have little pieces to account for and anyone that is surrounded by mobile babies knows that that is a plus.

How's your shopping going so far?  Have you purposefully bought any Made in the USA items?  I would love to hear (or read) your thoughts and experiences. 


The purchase of this puzzle can create 106,319 jobs.

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