Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mom Helps Create Jobs

According to an ABC News: Made In America report, if we, Americans, spent $64 per year on products made in America, we could create 200,000 jobs.  How exciting is that!   I can spend $5.33 per month to create 16,667 jobs every month!  My part in helping the economy get back on the upswing is in my purchase.  Seems simple enough.  So I set out to make my first purposeful Made in the U.S.A. purchase.  I bought my prenatal vitamins - One A Day® Women’s Prenatal vitamins.  

Based on my purchase and math, I created 42,104 jobs. That figure blows me away.  I buy some vitamins and create some jobs.  Let's see how many more jobs I can create.  You know, if 5 people spend $320, that would create a million jobs.  Since the holiday season is coming up, that doesn't seem that unrealistic.  $5.33 a month could equal a lot more than a few pennies.  It could equal someone's livelihood.  Happy Shopping!



  1. That is a really awesome thought! I will be more mindful at the store next time about where my products were made. :)

  2. Ann,
    Thank you for stopping by. I am so glad that this post will help you be more mindful of where your products were made. That's all I can ask, except to keep coming back. :)