Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Baby's First Christmas

I sincerely hope and pray that you all had a wonderful, love-filled Christmas.  I want to read all about it.  Please share your stories.  I also hope that you helped create a job for someone by purchasing a product that was Made in the USA.  It's like being able to grant Christmas to another family just by purchasing that item.  Thank you.


Bina celebrated her first Christmas and Lyla celebrated her first Christmas as a big sister.  What a lovely time to celebrate - a first Christmas.  I was humbled to watch the girls interact and share their new experiences together.  They laughed and giggled and acted silly and Mommy and Daddy joined along.  I still have to sort through the pictures.  I hope I took enough.  Moments like these are so precious to capture.  I hope I captured them properly.

I hope the last few days of this year treat you well. 


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