Monday, December 19, 2011

My Flu Gift Basket

As I mentioned on Friday, I have had the flu....well, in theory anyways.  There are no "sick days" when my job description is Mommy....and truthfully, it's not a job I would call in sick for.  I am humbled that God blessed me with these wonderful babies and I wouldn't miss a day with them.

Mommy being sick is not something that goes unnoticed in our house.  I am still nursing Bina and Lyla thinks Mommy makes everything better, even when Daddy is trying to convince her that he can make things better too.  I just figure the flu will stick around for the usual 10 days or so and then I will be fine.  I hydrate, wash my hands, and rest when I can.  Otherwise, it's business as usual. 

I did find some Made in the USA products that I made good use of while I was sick.  Dial soap is Made in the USA.  It comes in quite handy during all of that handwashing I do on a normal daily basis, but even more so when I have the flu.  Another product I use and especially during my "sick days" is BabyGanics Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer.  I also use it on the kids while we are out and soap and water aren't handy.  The last product I used is Angel Soft toilet paper.  It became my tissue - my endless roll of tissue while my nose acted up.  It's like my nose became my third child for a week. 

These purchases created 35,335 jobs.

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