Friday, January 13, 2012

Hummus Among Us

Fun Food Friday

I was just giving Lyla a snack of hummus on toast.  I love hummus.  It's already made so all I have to do is add vegetables to dip in the hummus or add it to crackers or toast.  It's such good stuff AND easy.  What mom doesn't love easy?  I sometimes carry carrots and hummus with me when I'm on the go and use the hummus for Lyla too.  

As I was putting the container back in the fridge, it occurred to me to look at where it was made.  It is a product of the USA.  This is one of my favorite brands of hummus.  It is really delicious and has different flavors to try.  I like to expose Lyla to different tastes so she gets accustomed to them and, hopefully, lets her become less of a picky eater.

What's your favorite snack?  Do you have a grab-and-go snack?  Please share.  I am always on the lookout for grab-and-go (and easy) snacks.  I would love to hear (or read) your thoughts.



  1. Hi Diana,
    Oh yes it is. This is absolutely one of my favorite snacks. I can eat it with veggies or even as a sandwich. My oldest eats it spooned on her plate, just plain. I appreciate your comment.