Monday, January 16, 2012

Need To Know

During election years, politicians talk about Main Street a lot.  I was watching a show on PBS called Need To Know.  The show actually went out to Main Street in Nashua, New Hampshire.  Even with positive news about the economy and how many jobs were created in the month of December, individuals still struggle on a daily basis.  The show focused on these details.

They spoke to busines owners and families that work and live on Main Street.  The picture they painted was not quite as positive.  By listening to them speak, their spirits are positive even though they are drowning in their situations.  A priest from an Episcopal church talked about how the church's endowment fund had lost more than 50% of its value.  Another family with multiple generations living in the same house put their faith in the full-time job of their matriarch.

I sometimes wonder what someone thinks when reading this blog, especially when the title includes, "Putting People to Work one American-Made Product at a Time."  I sometimes tell my husband that you must think I am crazy for thinking I can make a difference or that I must be so arrogant to think that I can change things by blogging about it.  When I see stories about the people included in this show, the idea is reinforced in me that I promote the purchase of Made in the USA to create jobs so people can get back on their feet.  I try to bring your attention to the label.  I'm not asking you to completely eliminate purchasing products made in other countries.  All I ask for is a small change that may lead to more awareness at your next shopping trip.


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