Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tires Make the World Go Round

Just before Christmas, we noticed that we needed new tires.  Funny thing is that before this blog, I never really considered where tires come from, how they are made or anything related to them, except, "Which ones go on my vehicle?" and "How much are they?"

In doing my due diligence to find tires, another question occurred to me - "Are these tires made in the USA?"  I talked to several people and I don't think that anyone had ever asked them that question.  It almost makes me chuckle thinking about it.  Our tires, though, are Made in the USA.  They are Goodyear Wrangler Radial tires.  (Note: Not all Goodyear tires are made in the USA.)  I laughed with a lady at the store that this was my husband's Christmas gift to me and my gift to him.  She was telling me that it's one of those gifts that you can't really enjoy.  Actually, these were gifts that I would absolutely enjoy.  You see, I drive my babies around in that vehicle and having good tires gives me peace of mind.  I also let her know that by buying tires Made in the USA, I help create jobs for people who may not have one right now.  She had never thought of tires in that way.  Conversations really do change us. 

My hope is that you look at tires and other products differently as well.  Tires go on vehicles and bikes and motorcycles and RVs and boats and buses.  We sometimes don't even give them a second thought until they need to be replaced.  Give thanks for them.  Our loved ones are being transported in something with tires on it.  Their safety is a gift in and of itself.  That purchase is a gift to the person who made it for your loved ones.

Happy and Safe Travelling!

In purchasing these tires, I created 988,137 jobs.

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