Thursday, September 20, 2012

Shop-A-Thon Thursday

Shop-A-Thon Thursday showcases the new manufacturers and retailers that I have found that make and sell products that are Made in the USA.  This has become my favorite time of the week because I continue to find some very beautiful stories and products made right here in the US by our very own neighbors.  Fear not.  I have not lost sight of why I do this blog.  It's not to get you to buy stuff.  It's to bring awareness to the fact that buying products Made in the USA creates jobs.  It sounds simple and maybe it really is.

Stay tuned!  I am compiling a list of all of the manufacturers that I have found until now to see which state has the most manufacturers. 

American Apparel (Los Angeles, CA) They make and sell women's clothing, men's clothing, kids' clothing, and baby clothing.  They even have kids' undergarments.  That has not been an easy find in my searches, so far.  Stop by their website.  It makes for very interesting reading.
Bamboosa (SC) Organic baby clothing, organic women's clothing
Kiyonna (Orange County, CA) Plus-size women's clothing - sizes 10-32, including wedding dresses.  These are not the mumus that are usually associated with plus-size clothing either.  This is the I-have-curves clothes, but in a classy way.  Although, I'm not sure why a size 10 is considered a plus-size.  Maybe I'll save that for a different post.  Either way, these clothes are very good-looking.
Layla Grayce (CA) Retailer of high-end cribs, crib bedding, changers, baby clothing, women's clothing, chairs, rugs, decor, lamps, beds, settees, sofas, iPad cases, desks, bedding, decorative pillows, chests, decorative mirrors, cocktail tables, end tables, bookcases, ottomans, fabric, and wallpaper. (Mishawaka, IN) Tray that attaches to your shopping cart.  It can store snacks, crayons, coupons, to name a few.  Created  by a mom of 3, "I worked really hard to make sure my product, On Tray, was manufactured here in the USA."  What's the saying about the person who rocks the cradle?  (Hint: Something about they rule the world.)  Thank you, Laura.

Looking for something?  Please let me know and I will do my best to find it.  Let's see how many jobs we can create together.  As always, Enjoy!

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