Monday, October 8, 2012

Another Need To Know

I was watching Need to Know on PBS.  This week they traveled to Pueblo, CO and, among other places, strolled down Main Street, literally.  What struck me was one lady who was being interviewed talking about politicians and how they can't possibly know what she is going through until they fear their lights being shut off.  What a striking comment.

Here are a few numbers for you, if that works better for you. (I like numbers.)
  • Unemployed: ~$1300-$1400/mo (Note: $330/week x 4.)
  • President Obama: ~$65,806/mo (Note: His 2011 income divided by 12.)
  • Former Governor Romney: ~$1,141,413/mo (Note: His 2011 income divided by 12.)
  • Members of Congress: ~$14,500/mo (Note: Their salary of $174,000/yr divided by 12.)
I know that the President and Governor paid taxes and donated to charity, but I tried making these figures simple so please keep that in mind.

I write this blog to raise awareness and encourage readers to buy products that are made in the USA.  These purchases create jobs.  It really is that simple - supply and demand.  I do not want to bankrupt you to make these purchases.  I even did a post about how I bought something for $1 that was made in the USA.  We can talk politics and foreign this and that, but at the end of the day companies supply us with what we are willing to purchase.

Do you feel inspired to check those tags?  Our consumer dollars speak volumes.  Voting is our right and we should exercise it every chance we get.  Every purchase we make also votes for one thing or another.  The people featured in the show above are an example of why I want you to spend $64/year on American-made products.  That's the equivalent of a coffee purchase at your favorite coffee shop once per month.  That purchase creates 200,000 jobs.  That's a huge vote.

How will you vote this holiday season?  Now that it is nearing, can you vow to spend $64 on a product or products that proudly wear Made in the USA?  I would love to hear from you.

I love comments!

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  1. Hi Karina -
    I followed you back from my blog and I am glad that I did! I love the message that you are getting out there! I love it even more if you are going to show me where to get these great American made products! :-) I was so disheartened when I looked down at something my daughter had yesterday to see the words "Made in China" and realized that most of the stuff we own IS... I vow to try and find American made! Alexa

  2. Hi Alexa,

    Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words. It is incredible the amount of items that are not made in the USA. It might help you with your Organization Boot Camp if you got rid of half of the stuff made outside of the US. That was a joke (unless that would help you). I really hope that you can find things here that will work for you. If you have suggestions, I am always open.