Saturday, November 24, 2012

Small Business Saturday Challenge


Support your favorite small business.  Today is Small Business Saturday®, a day to celebrate and support the local small businesses that boost the economy and invigorate neighborhoods across the country.  I encourage everyone to Shop Small® today. 

Many small businesses are having special offers today so go in and take advantage.

To learn more, visit  You can also find out where to shop.

There are many small businesses on the Shop! page on this blog, so stop by there as well.

Here are some more fun facts in case you want to know the definition of a small business.  This is a link to the SBA's (U.S. Small Business Administration) website.  Not quite what I pictured for a Mom 'n Pop shop.

Are you up for a challenge?  Here's the challenge: When you visit your local small businesses, ask them where their Made in the USA products are.  Start a conversation about it.  Let's also see how many local, small businesses are supporting our U.S. manufacturers.  We create jobs when we create a demand.  Please come back and let me know what you found out.  Be safe.

I love comments!

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  1. thanks for the made in America shout out!!

    1. Hi Annmarie,
      Thank you so much for those wonderful words. It is my pleasure. Spread the word and encourage others.


  2. My husband and I went shopping local on saturday. And ended up buying local made products :) I love buying things from the people that actually made them, it's great!

  3. I am so glad to know that. It is quite a different feeling when you know the people that make the things you purchase. Thank you for sharing your story.