Monday, November 5, 2012

What Does Your Life Look Like...In Your Dreams?

Photo from and Danilo Rizzuti
I know that with the holidays coming upon us quickly, many are making out those naughty-or-nice lists.  These are the things that will make our holidays better and some will make our lives easier.
I love the Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year season because I am reminded that I am living my dream real life.  I do not say that in arrogance.  My life is far from perfect.  I am grateful for every moment.
Five years ago, my brother-in-law passed away in a car accident.  He called my sister to check in with her on his lunch hour, like he usually did, left work for lunch and 20 minutes later, he passed away.  A young man of 17 years ran a stop sign and hit my brother-in-law's car, the driver's side.
Not a day goes by (literally) that I do not think about this.  He went about his day like he normally did and one day it was all over.  That incident changed my life and outlook FOREVER!  This is why I am living my dream real life.  My life is not perfect, but it exists and for the time that God gives me here, I am grateful.
Stuff for the good occasions does not exist in our house.  Everyday in our house is a good occasion and we celebrate those moments by using the "good" (mismatched) china and the "guest" sheets and towels for ourselves.  We do share when people come over, of course.  My daughter even shares her little Stevie when people are sad.  It lights up and so do people's faces at the gesture.  We treasure those moments together.
What does your dream life look like?  Stop by and let me know.  I love your stories.
I love comments!
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  1. This was a sad post about your brother-in-law, but it was also a blessing to read because it was a good reminder to be thankful for all that God has given us - salvations, life, breath, family, love, and so much more. Thanks for the reminder! Have a lovely week!


  2. Hi Stephanie,

    Your words are so beautiful. Thank you and you're welcome for the reminder. Have a great week.