Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sale - Let's Shop for Dresses!

City Spectacle Dress $13.99
Since we just moved and I am feeling better about the place we are in, both emotionally and physically {our home}, I decided I wanted this to reflect in my wardrobe.  You know how much I love the vintage style of ModCloth.  Then I open my emails and they are having a sale - ModCloth Cabin Fever SaleWant to join me in updating our looks for the new year?  They are offering 70% off great styles during their annual Cabin Fever Sale. Supplies are limited so grab your favorites today before they are gone!

Shoot in the Dark Dress $13.99
I am not a sweats and t-shirt kind of SAHM.  I like to look presentable.  There were two times when I was in my absolute worst and each time someone knocked on the door.  I decided never again was I going to answer the door like that.  I may not work outside of the home, but I am a representative of my home, my husband and my children, just like anyone who works outside the home is a representative of the company s/he works for.
Go for the Pergola Dress $13.99

I found some dresses and a coat on ModCloth's website in the Made in the USA sale section.  {I did a search for Made in the USA sale.}  Even though this is a sponsored post with affiliate links, I really do like their clothing.  I showed some dresses here that will hopefully fit my pear-shape.  Some fit other shapes.  Let me know what you think.
You know what I just noticed on their website?  In the customer reviews, the customers post pictures of themselves wearing the clothes, along with their measurements. That's great because then you get a better perspective of how the clothes will fit you. 
Capital Grains Dress in Vanilla $14.99

Lauren Moffatt Portland and
Starboard Coat $164.99 2 left
This coat is also on sale.  A well-structured coat makes any lady look absolutely stunning.  I adore a coat that fits me just right.  I've had some poorly fitting coats and it is not comfortable or pretty.  Whether going to work or the grocery store, wear something that makes you feel gorgeous.  The reviews on this coat reflected all of the above.  I hope your experience does too. 
What shape are you?  What did you find that you would like?  Let's shop together and let each other know how our respective assets would look.

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