Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Daylight Savings Time 2013 To-Do

Turn your clocks forward one hour
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This Sunday, March 10, marks Daylight Savings Time in which we spring forward our clocks.  In essence, we will be losing an hour of time to save energy.  I know, it means that we get one less hour of sleep.  To those who work nights, do they work one hour less than they normally wouldHmmm.  

 I digress.  Daylight Savings Time is also a reminder to check your smoke detectors.  Then, I like to tell the story of when my husband and I first joined our lives.  He likes to cook and as was normal, he was in the kitchen cooking for us.  I was in another room studying.  I hear a blowing noise and suddenly, I hear the smoke detectors blaring throughout our home.  I ran out into the kitchen and it was filled with smoke and there stood my groom, on a step stool with a towel in hand waving it at the smoke detector, trying to get it to stop tattling on himNeedless to say, we ordered out that night.  For our first six months - ish, {I'm not proud to say} this was a usual occurrence.
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I pass on this information to you because as funny as the story is when we tell it, it could have had a different ending had our smoke detectors not worked {or, I know, had my husband not set off the smoke detector to begin with}.  So for Daylight Savings Time, change the batteries in your smoke detectors, so the smoke detector doesn't start beeping in the middle of the nap you will take because you lost an hour of sleep.

Do you have any {hopefully funny} stories about your smoke detectors going off or beeping?  If so, stop by and share them here.  We could all use a laugh or even a story that ends happily.

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  1. Not sure if it's funny or pathetic, but when my husband and I took a dream trip to Hawaii, our hotel flooded. The smoke alarm system was -- you guessed it -- in the hotel basement. Every five rooms had an alarm IN the room to be heard by the two on either side. You guessed it. We had an alarm room. It rang ALL NIGHT LONG! The only way they could stop it would have been to cut the wires. And then, they ask, what happens if we have a real fire? Ummmmm.....

  2. Hi Karen,

    I'm really sorry, but NOW there is some humor to that. I tried putting myself in your shoes at the time, though, and that would have stunk beyond words. I hope the rest of your trip was a lot more fun. I mean a dream trip to Hawaii. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your story. I appreciate it a great deal.