Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Five-Minute Facial

I recently bumped into an old friend of mine.  My friend's name is Alba.  You may otherwise know this friend as Alba Facial Mask.  I say friend because no product has loved my face as much as Alba has.  Alba and I enjoy time together everyday.  I call it my five minute facial.  Whenever my five minutes are done, I rinse and admire.  I know that sounds vain, but sometimes we should take some time to admire our best work.  My face looks so refreshed and even-toned.  It's like having a facial without the immediate red blotchiness.  The mask does not dry on my face, so I can carry on a conversation and move as I normally would.  For a busy mommy like me, that's a definite plus.  Three-year olds and two-year olds don't stop asking questions because mommy is washing her face.  They do, however, offer fabulous compliments, like "Mommy, you look beautiful."  Ah, warms my heart. 

Let's see: a product that evens out my color, elicits compliments from my daughters, and it's Made in the USA.  What better boost than that in a little container?!  How can I not be friends with Alba?

Tell me your thoughts!

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