Thursday, March 28, 2013

Shop-A-Thon Thursday

Welcome back to another exciting week of Shop-A-Thon Thursday.  I noticed a theme going on last week and this week - a lot of men's clothing Made in the USA.  Our guys deserve some love too.  As always, I try to cater to as many people as I can.  With the crazy snow storms, I found a company that might help with fireplace issues.  If you happen to purchase from any vendors found on this website, please come back here and share your experience.  I would love to hear about it.  Have a great Easter!  Now let's create some jobs!
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Alex Maine (Los Angeles, CA) Manufacturer and retailer of men's pants, men's hoodies, men's sweat shorts, men's t-shirts and men's accessories
Baby Safety Foam (Bend, OR) Manufacturer of the Fireplace Hearth Guard, a custom-sized hearth guard that "covers the entire hearth surface {not just the edges}.  [It's] durable and non-toxic and guaranteed to fit or [they] will replace it for free."
Boot City (TX) The name says it all.  Note: This was sent in by a reader so thank you.
Lumina Clothing ()HQ: Raleigh, NC) Manufacturer and retailer of men's clothing.  "Our shirts are made in South Carolina or Chicago and our ties in New York. Our pants are also made in Chicago...The name LUMINA, is a play on the traditional cotton loom, which once drove much of the textile industry in our state!"
Todd Shelton (East Rutherford, NJ) Manufacturer and retailer of men's dress shirts, men's jeans, men's pants, men's t-shirts, men's vests - all men's clothing made in the USA.

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