Thursday, March 7, 2013


It's March!  Spring is just around the corner!
Diana's birthday month!
We have so many exciting things planned for this month.
We are no longer charging the $2 co-host fee, so if you are interested in co-hosting, please e-mail us. Also, it isn't a month-long gig. You can co-host for as many weeks as you want up to four weeks in a row.
The last week of every month will still be a social party.
Okay so let's get to hopping!

This week's
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Happy Hopping!

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  1. Thanks for hosting. Now following along!

    Sarah @ Our Family of Three

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for joining our community here. I just went over to your blog and what a sweet blog. I bounced around and stayed a while.


  3. hi thanks for hosting..stalking you in facebook, twitter, pinterest, and g+

  4. Hi Rosey,
    Thank you for joining us again. It's always good to see you.


  5. Hi Mitch,
    Thank you for joining our community here and I hope to see you back.


  6. I found your hop on the Dysfunction Junction hop and linked up:) I'm already a follower of Diane so now I'll follow you too. Will spend this weekend getting to know some new blogs, since I don't have to work. Visit me @ when you have time. Thanks:) I pinned and tweeted the hop:)

  7. Hi Judy,
    Thank you for stopping by and joining our community here. It's great to have you and I look forward to seeing you here again.


  8. Hi Nicky,
    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your wonderful comments about joining our community here. I hope to see you here again.


  9. Hi Karina,

    It is nice to meet you. I would like to thank you for joining the fun at Linkin' with my Ladies Blog Hop. I followed you via G+, GFC, Twitter, liked your FB Page and Pinterest. I am partying here too. Thanks for co-hosting.

    All the best to your blog and see you around.