Monday, April 15, 2013

Made in the USA Giveaways Link-Up

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It's TAX DAY!  Get those tax returns in before the deadline tonight.  Welcome to the Made in the USA Giveaways Link-Up.  This link-up creates more opportunities for you to find products that are made in the USA.  If you are hosting a giveaway and your product is made in the USA, then please list your giveaways here.  To all of you that have linked up items here, I thank you.

1. List products that are Made in the USA.
2. Multiple-item giveaway? All of the items must be made in the USA.
3. Gift cards or cash?  Go right ahead and list those here
Submit Giveaway as: Title / End Date. 
Example: Beauty Product 05/15.
       ***** Please make sure you list an end date.  Otherwise, your giveaway could be removed before your giveaway ends.  Thank you.

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  1. Thanks for having this link-up! Saw it on Thumping Thursday's.
    The Non-Martha Momma

  2. Hi Jackie,
    You're welcome. I hope you are able to make good use of it.