Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How I Got a Three-Year Old to Brush Her Teeth

Tom's of Maine
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My girls love going to the store with me.  On a recent trip, Daddy decided to tag along.  On my small list of stuff to buy was toothpaste for the girls.  Daddy picked out one with some {licensed} characters on it.  Lyla, politely, told him, "No, no, Daddy.  You have to get the one with the strawberries on it."  This particular store did not have that brand, so Daddy made the executive decision to buy it anyways.  He figured that she would love the characters on it, so that would encourage her to brush her teeth and that one kid's toothpaste was as good as the other.  Oh, no.

After lunch, it was time to brush the girls' teeth.  Neither Lyla nor Bina liked the toothpaste with the characters on it and that was the end of toothbrushing.  I went to a different store and got the toothpaste that they like - Tom's of Maine.  It's Made in the USA.  The bottle has a simple design of strawberries on it and the price was comparable to all of the other children's toothpastes.

During our bedtime routine, it was time to brush their teeth again.  This one they liked.  Lyla likes the toothpaste bottle because it has strawberries on it and it tastes better.  Simple as that.  Peace has been restored in our household.

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  1. How funny, and you're right, the kids DO know what they like. :)

  2. Hi Rosey,
    They really do know what they want and they settle for nothing less. Bless their little hearts. Thank you for stopping by.