Monday, May 27, 2013

Made in the USA Giveaways Link-Up

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To those of you honoring loved ones lost during their service to our country, my prayers are with you on this Memorial Day.  Please know that their ultimate sacrifice is never far from our thoughts.
Welcome back to the Made in the USA Giveaways Link-Up.  This link-up creates more opportunities for you to find products that are made in the USA and, possibly win somethingIf you are hosting a giveaway and your product is made in the USA, you are invited to list your giveaway here.  To all of you that have linked up items here, thank you.

Simple Requests:
1. List products that are Made in the USA.
2. Multiple-item giveaway? All of the items must be made in the USA.
3. Gift cards or cash?  Go right ahead and list those here
Submit Giveaway as: Title / End Date. 
Example: Beauty Product 06/30.
       ***** Please make sure you list an end dateOtherwise, your giveaway could be removed before it ends.  Thank you.

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Please make sure that your giveaway is for a product that is Made in the USA.


  1. I finally got one, woo hoo! Thanks for the linky. :)

  2. Hi Rosey,
    Woo-hoo! You're welcome.