Thursday, May 2, 2013

Shop-A-Thon Thursday

Just in time for Mothers Day is another Shop-A-Thon Thursday.  Let's honor those lovely ladies that inspire us with something memorable and Made in the USA.

Normandy Guitars (Salem, OR) The world’s first production aluminum archtop guitar.  The American-made guitars are manufactured and hand-riveted in Salem, Oregon. Known for their sustainable qualities and warm tones, these lightweight aluminum electric guitars are now available in nine colors and three different and unique finishes: chrome, powder coat and candy apple metal flake finish.

Stormy Kromer Mercantile Petal Pusher 
CapWomen's Black/White, 6 7/8 Made in MI
Riley and Coco (Los Angeles, CA) An online marketplace that showcases jewelry and apparel crafted in the United States.
Stormy Kromer (Ironwood, MI) Manufacturer of men and women's caps, outerwear, shirts and pants.  They make caps for kids, hunting gear and even a wool beer koozie.  Well I thought it was funny and it happens to be listed under Fun Stuff.  Most appropriately.  If you get a chance, go to their About page.  It is full of great information and history.  I especially, liked the video of when they were featured on the news.  The Michigan accents come out in full swing.
Blank-Oh (Williamsport, PA) Super soft plush blanket and built-in pillow; Veteran-owned business
Shinola (Detroit, MI) "At present, nearly all of our watchstraps, journals, and leather goods are sourced in the United States. Our watches and bicycles are 100% assembled in our Detroit factory with both domestic and internationally sourced components."

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