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9 Space Savers Made in the USA

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October begins the holiday season rush.  First comes Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas and the blow-out of the year - New Year's Day.  Holidays usually mean that a lot of cooking will be done for a lot of company that will be hosted and, of course, getting new stuff on Christmas Day.  And when it's all over, the ultimate thought sinks in, "Where can I put everything?"

Finding additional real estate where it did not exist before becomes a huge stress reliever.  Here are some items that may help in this quest for more space and less stress.  Did I mention that they are all Made in the USA?
  • Bathroom Storage
    •  Bathrooms normally have an abundance of wall space available.  That vertical space can be efficiently utilized with cabinets or floating shelves.  Daily items such as towels, soap and other necessary toiletries can be stored in the cabinet to keep things tidy.  If you have guests, you can also create a special basket of toiletries for them.  This makes you a fantastic hostess and helps your guests feel welcome in your home.
    • Pictured above: D'Vontz 18" Footed Hamper Cabinet from Wayfair
  • Ceiling Storage
    • Garages are another room in the home that benefit from vertical use.  Many items get stored in the garage that are used seasonally.  Having a ceiling storage space allows these items to be stored safely without taking up much-needed space normally reserved for the car or someone's man cave.  
    • Pictured above: MonsterRax Overhead Storage Rack from Elite Xpressions
  •  Under-Bed Drawers 
    • Unless you practice feng-shui, under-bed storage is a great option for storage of seasonal clothing and blankets.  This helps alleviate the issue of limited closet space.  It also puts these items at arms reach, in case of those extra cold nights that demand an extra blanket.
    • Pictured above: Rubbermaid Underbed Storage Box from Amazon
  • Shoe Cubbies
    • For the shoe aficionado, having a safe place to store shoes is a wardrobe MUST.  The cubby keeps them in one place, making it easier to find them and also reduces clutter.
    • Pictured above: Northern Kentucky Cedar Red Cedar Shoe Cubby Kit from Amazon
  • Bins & Baskets
    • If you've ever had someone show up unexpectedly on the day that your house stopped looking like the cover of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine, you know that these make the 5-minute pick-up a reality.  Bins and baskets offer a convenient and stylish way to store items.  They can be carried around the house and then easily placed back in their original location.  This is clean-up that even the kids won't mind.
    • Pictured above: Peterboro Children's Room Storage from Peterboro Basket Company
  • Clothing Valets
    • Clothing valets are especially useful when the closet is small.  Multiple pieces of clothing can be hung on one valet saving much-needed closet space for say, the shoe cubby.
    • Pictured above: Wall-Mounted Hanger Holder from The Container Store
  •  Under-Desk Cabinets
    • These take advantage of empty space under a desk or table.  They tuck in out of the way and are quite convenient for a small office or dorm room.
    • Pictured above: Alpha Pedestal from Heartwork; Originally found on Apartment Therapy
  •  Kids Stuff 
    • If you have kids or have ever visited someone that has kids, you know that they love their arts and crafts.  The supplies for these beloved art pieces can quickly get lost or end up all over the house.  For that reason, it is beneficial to have one central location for these toys and art supplies.  Homeschoolers, especially benefit from these storage solutions.
    • Pictured above: Angeles Value Line Multi-Section Storage with Clear Trays from Discount School Supply
  • Murphy Beds 
    • Murphy Beds come as no surprise in the space-saving category.  It has long been their tradition to add additional room where none would have been before the Murphy Bed.  They also help a room to serve multiple purposes, such as an office and guest room, without cluttering the space.
    • Pictured above: Transitional Birch Wood from Quality Murphy Bed

What space-saving techniques do you use?  What are some of your holiday preparations or traditions?  I would love to read about them.

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  1. As a homeschooler, I could definitely benefit from a few of those space savers. The books in the basket look so cute, too. So simple, yet I haven't thought to do that. :)


  2. Hi Meredith,
    Yes, we are starting to set up our homeschool also and prepare for the arrival of our third baby so space savers have been on the brain a lot also. Bins and baskets are some my favorite space savers, especially since you can just throw stuff in there in a pinch and no one is the wiser. I hope this tip helps you. I know you will make it look beautiful. Thank you for stopping by.