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Kitchen Tools Made in the USA - Let's Eat!

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As Thanksgiving Day slowly approaches, the recipes and how-tos begin to appear everywhere.  I would love to let you in on my wonderful techniques for making Thanksgiving Day turkey 

(or any special occasion meal) blow-your-mind fantastic, but alas, that is not the case here.  You know the old cliche: Those who can't....well, you know the rest.  I can't make a turkey, so I shop.  I have never cooked a turkey and, as long as God gives my husband the will and the way, that will be a time-honored tradition in our home.  However....because he cooks, I am the one who gets the grocery list and supply list and the pleasure of shopping for them.  So while I cannot give you the secrets to making a great turkey, I can give you the supplies to impress your guests with a delectable turkey.  The best part is that these kitchen gadgets are made in the USA.

Beginning in the center:
    • Whether you are making a turkey, turducken, or a vegan faux turkey, a roaster leads the list of Thanksgiving Day cooking supplies.  A roaster makes for a versatile utensil in the kitchen so it's an investment that will give back year-round.

Top left to right:
  • Flavor injector: SpitJack Flavor Inoculator
    • If what's on the inside is really what matters, then a flavor injector will become your best friend on Turkey Day.  This syringe fills your bird with any flavor you want - from melted butter to cajun-infusion to honey beer.  It adds that extra bit of lovin' that every Thanksgiving Day meal requires.
  • Peeler: Rada Cutlery Deluxe Peeler
    •  Depending on your guest list count, you might need several of these to get all of those veggies peeled in time for meal time.  Of course, you could always leave the peel on the potatoes and add some fiber to this traditionally starch-heavy meal.
  • Knife Sharpener: Chef's Choice Manual Knife Sharpener 
    • Once that turkey hits the table, grace has been said and everyone is ready to pounce on that bird, make sure that your carving knife is ready for it's 15 minutes of fame.  A knife sharpener will make your day go so much smoother.  (Pun intended)
  •  Turkey Baster: Zim Ade-O-Matic Baster Set 
    • While the flavor injector above keeps the inside of your bird filled with lovin', a baster seals the deal by keeping the outside moist and perfectly tanned for its debut.  
    • Note: This particular one is made of stainless steel and comes with its own cleaning brush - a plus if you've ever had to clean one of those and it won't melt like the plastic ones.
Center Left to Right:
  • Can Opener: EZ-DUZ-IT Deluxe Can Opener
    • How many cans do we open to make Thanksgiving Day dinner?  Let's face it.  A can opener serves as a must-have for this day.
Bottom Left to Right:

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What are some of your favorite cooking utensils?  Did I forget any?  Leave me a comment and let me know.  If you like this post, let your friends know.

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