Wednesday, October 22, 2014

11 Maternity Wardrobe Basics Made in the USA

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CONGRATULATIONS!  Expecting a new baby envelopes a new Mama and Papa with so many emotions.  Once the elation of an ever-changing life settles, the preparation begins and so does the unsettling feeling in Mama's mid-section.  To help ease some of the adventure into the world of pregnancy brain, here is a list of some basic maternity wardrobe must-haves, all made in the USA.

1.  Wrap dress
2.  Spanx Power Mama Shaper
3.  Cardigan: A maternity cardigan is more practical during the winter since you will be covering up more than any other season.  Otherwise, you might be able to get away with your pre-pregnancy cardigan.
4. Yoga Pants: Comfort, comfort, comfort!

Soulful Sound Waves Dress
5The Ultimate Maternity Belt:  The belt provides support for lower back pain - and you will get it.  (Think yoga cat pose)
6.  Maternity Jeans - Boot Cut: These complement any body type.  The boot-cut balances out your glowing mid-section.

7.  Maternity Belly Band: When you're in the home stretch of your ever-expanding bump, this Belly Band acts as an extender to your top when everything doesn't seem to fit anymore.
8.  Belly Bandit Tummy Wrap: Great for postpartum use.
9. Stockings / Tights: They help with swelling and tired legs and prevent varicose veins.  Remember no knee-high socks or stockings.
10.  Maxi Dress: A maxi dress forgives all, even during the last trimester when leg-crossing is both a near-impossibility and a no-no.
11.  Comfortable [Flat] shoes: A pair of sneakers can be included in the choice for comfortable shoes, especially for swelling feet.  If sneakers are not an option for you, try these Oka b Taylor Flats.

Honorable Mention
without ME there would
be no [bump] daddy tee


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  2. I still wear some of my maternity clothes...the ones that don't really have the baby bump section. Stretchy waist pants are great and comfy on those lazy, rainy days.

  3. Hi Jill,
    Thank you so much. I appreciate your encouraging words.


  4. Hi Jill,
    That sounds so wonderful - comfy clothes for lazy, rainy days! Love it! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.