Monday, October 20, 2014

Gender Reveal

Our baby officially arrived.....well some time ago, but it's been a while since I posted anything here. God blessed us with a bouncing baby boy!!  We had him at home.  YES!  You read that correctly....a Home Birth!  It was an amazing experience. 

Those first few days and weeks proved challenging, as any postpartum time will be.  We had to go in for an echocardiogram and daily weight checks.  All three kids caught a cold.  It was very scary to hear our newborn with a cold.  Hearing a newborn choke is something I hope that none of you ever experience.  At one point, I slept about two hours in a 48-hour period because I was giving him saline drops and constantly suctioning him.  I was afraid of falling asleep and not hearing him if he needed me.  We made it through all of the illnesses.  Then, my computer broke.  I was putting together the Thursday blog hop and my computer just stopped working.  All of the proverbial balls that I was juggling just came tumbling down.  I took it as God telling me that I needed to take a break.  I decided to exhale and enjoy my new life.

I have written this post in my mind so many times and wasn't sure how to start back up.  Then it occurred to me to just write it.  A reader once told me that my regular readers would always be here to read my blog.  That encouraged me to write this after so much time off.  My goal in writing this blog has always been to give you a place to find positive encouragement.  I appreciate that I have received it from you.

As for positive encouragement: for those of you that emailed me privately, asking how I was doing - THANK YOU!!  It is humbling to know that with all of the blogs, websites, and day-to-day activities going on in your days that you took the time to see how my family and I were doing.  Again, thank you.  I appreciate you beyond words.

I truly hope you will come back and see what is in store.  What has been going on with you?  I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Look at him, with his cute little teeth!! What a beautiful boy. Congratulations. :) I was so excited to see you today (post at my place), I'm glad you're blogging again.

    1. Hi Rosey,
      Thank you for your kind words about our boy! I agree. :) I am excited to be back and will slowly be making my way around the blogosphere. Good to see you here also.