Monday, November 24, 2014

8 Travel Accessories Made in the USA

As the travel season gets under way, many of us are planning our trips to see loved ones and share in that camaraderie that makes for future memories.  Proper packing and planning can make or break a great trip.  Here are some travel accessories made in the USA that help include some of the conveniences of home while being away from home.
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1. Women's Large Canvas Bag

Kraft Canvas Bag
w/Leather Bottom
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Having a reliable bag during a busy travel season proves priceless.  This one is made for tools, but when you are away from home, having the proper [traveling] tools may give you some peace of mind.  It also has a waterproof bottom so whether you are headed for the beach or bunny slopes, this bag will be ready for you.

MakeUp Brush Case
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2. Makeup Brush Case

Makeup brushes are the foundation (no pun intended) of good makeup application.  A travel case will keep them safe and together while you are on vacation.  Now all you have to worry about is proper lighting!

3. Flip Flops

Sbicca Women's Dress Sandal
Made in the USA
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Have you ever walked [or sprinted] to catch a flight?  Have you ever done it in uncomfortable shoes?  That is no fun.  Besides, having one pair of shoes to go everywhere in can make packing a lot easier.  Accessories take up much less space than multiple pairs of shoes.  Of course, these flip flops are assuming that you are headed south - and with this crazy winter weather - way south!

Laundry Bag Non Dyed Eco-Canvas
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4. Laundry Bag

Pack for a vacation and relax like you're on vacation.  Bring a laundry bag and worry about it when you get back, unless you're going to Mama's house.......

5. Wristlet wallet

 photo Wristlet_zps16eb1a20.png
Harveys Minnie Wristlet
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A wristlet wallet makes it easy to grab needed documents, cash and ID so you are not constantly digging through your bags or the car.


Beau Monde Organics
Luxury Organic Scarf
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6. Scarf

Scarves serve as wonderful accessories.  They can add a pop of color to an outfit, keep you warm, and are easy to pack.  This Beau Monde Organics scarf is Made in USA: Designed, printed, hand-cut/sewn in USA.  Let Stephanie know Karina @Mom in the USA - sent you.

7. Snacks

Jelly Bean Chocolate Dips®
Strawberry – 16 oz
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Snacks are priceless when traveling, especially with children.  Keep them handy because you never know when your next meal may come.  Also, include some healthy snacks because they can keep the kiddos full a bit longer than just plain junk.  Chocolate-covered strawberries - can you really go wrong with chocolate and strawberries??

Airstream Vacation Luggage Tag Set - 2 pc
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8. Luggage Tags

Choosing luggage tags or decorating your luggage to stand out from all of the other bags helps to increase the chances of them going home with you.  Add some creativity that is unique to yours, such as these Airstream tags.

Always remember, whatever your travel plans may be:

Be safe.  What are some of your travel must-haves?  What plans do you have for this holiday season?


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