Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Baking Supplies for Making Pies - Made in the USA


What is it about this time of year that makes baking pie so much more enjoyable?  Is it the weather?  The company we keep?  The divine aroma that embraces every inch of our homes?  I say, “All of the above!” 

Last year, during my pregnancy
I took up pie making.  I had never really made homemade pies before.  I figured it was a good time to add something else to my sweet-making repertoire and what pregnant woman doesn’t appreciate dessert?

I made a list of some of the baking supplies that would be useful in making my homemade pies.  I thought I would share the list with you in case any of you were interested in learning how to make pies or add your own favorite baking tools in the comments.
Starting above from the red bowls and going around:
  • POURfect Mixing Bowls - red, Set of 6
    • Mixing bowls are essential kitchen accessories.  These bowls not only add a touch of color to your cool kitchen gadgets, but also have pouring spouts to make it easier [and cleaner] to move on to the next step in your baking process.
  • Pie Server
    • Serving pie is much easier with a pie server since it is shaped to match the slice of pie.
  • Bowl scraper
    • This helps collect every last bit of sweet goodness that will become your pie.
  • Flour duster
    • A well-floured surface makes working with dough so much easier.  This also works well for bread dough and biscuits.
  • Lattice cutter
    • If you have a favorite apple pie recipe, a lattice cutter helps show you how to make pie crust prettier.
  • Bench knife - dough scraper
    • A bench knife helps to cut your dough, bars, brownies or cookies much easier.
  • Pie crust shield
    • This may be one that I invest in this holiday season.  Every year I battle with aluminum foil to cover the crust so it doesn't burn while the rest of the pie finishes baking.
  • Pastry scraper
    • This tool helps to clean up surfaces and also turn your dough.
  • Rolling pin
    • A rolling pin becomes invaluable when working with dough and pie crusts.
  • Pie weights (fyi: I've since learned that you can also use rice or dry beans.)
    • These help weigh down your crust when you bake it before adding the filling.
  • Pie Plate
    • The best for last!  This is a Pyrex pie plate and I love mine.  It holds more pie filling than I thought and it washes so easily.  In hindsight, I would have probably invested in one that comes with a cover, but that's a very minor point.  The pie usually doesn't last that long anyways.
Here are some more cool kitchen tools made in the USA.  Happy Baking!  What are some of your favorite baking and cooking tools?  Your idea might be included in a future post.

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