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  1. Hi, Karina. This is the only place that comments is showing up for me on my end. I briefly saw a place to comment on your latest post, and then it was gone!

    I'm not sure if it's on my part or not. I do know that I have had frequent issues with my comments on my blog over the last year.

    Anyhow, it sounds like a lot of fun learning to surf. And what a nice way to anticipate Summer!

  2. Hello, Karina! I am a staunch advocate for buying American and love your enthusiasm for keeping commerce/production on our soil. The 'Mom in the USA' blog is a great, practical website that gives good information on how we can get great products but still support our own economy. I just came across these: and thought that's it's such a shame that we've outsourced one of our most iconic products. The cowboy boot represents volumes of American historical and cultural heritage, and I think that buying American boots is a small but potent way to get in touch with American tradition. Just some food for thought - keep up the great work on your blog!



    1. Hi Randy,
      I am humbled beyond words at your lovely words about my blog. You are so right in that Cowboy boots (or in this case Cowgirl boots) are so iconic of this country. In doing research for this blog, I am still stunned at how many of our iconic products and brands are no longer made in the USA. I do believe that change comes about one person at a time and if this blog helps one more person buy one more product that is made in the USA, then I am doing my job. I will make sure to add the boots in this Thursday's Shop-A-Thon Thursday and update the Directory to include them. Thank you for the suggestion and for sharing your thoughts here. I really do appreciate it.