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As part of a financial planning class that we took {see badge/link below}, we learned about giving back - time, talent and treasure.  I wrote this post about giving back.  This page is dedicated to charities that have been featured here.  Each charity will remain on this page.

If you have suggestions about your favorite charity, local or otherwise, please leave a comment or email me through the Contact page.  If you do not want to be mentioned in the blog post because you don't want your location to be known {if it is a local charity in your area}, please let me know.  Otherwise, I will post a link back to you as a thank you.

Thank you in advance.
Financial Planning Resource
{Read the blog post here.}


Other Financial Planning Resources

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Read the blog post here.

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Read the blog post here.

Read the blog post here.
(A.C.N.M. = American College of Nurse Midwives)
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