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Royal Kona Coffee

This page includes......everything but the spoon.  Enjoy!
  • Coffee makers made in the USA,  
  • French presses made in the USA, 
  • Coffee creamers made in the USA,  
  • Sugar made in the USA and 
  • Coffee mugs made in the USA
Coffee Made in the USA

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii (HQ: Salt Lake City, UT) "We offer American-grown, Hawaiian coffee from Oahu, Kauai, Maui and of course our 100% Kona coffee."
Blair Estate Coffee (Kauai, HI) "In 1836 Kauai was the first island in Hawaii to produce coffee commercially.  Our organically grown coffee is hand picked, fermented, sun-dried and fresh roasted daily.  As with all of our 100% Hawaiian grown coffees, macadamia nuts, honey, chocolates, jams, jellies and gifts, Blair Estate Coffee is available by mail, and phone order only."
Dragon's Lair Estate Kona Coffee Farm (Captain Cook, HI) "100% Kona Coffee - Mountain-grown Kona Coffee from Hawaii, grown by organic standards under natural shade, without herbicides or pesticides.  Hand-picked, sun-dried, and custom-roasted to order."  Fun fact from their website: "If you order three pounds of coffee from us, you are buying the fruit of two entire trees."
Hilo Coffee Mill (Mountain View, HI) Hilo Coffee Mill (founded in February 2001), is located on 24 beautiful acres in Mountain View with a full viewing area and tasting bar.  It was founded to help small local coffee farmers produce, process and market their coffee crops. Hilo Coffee Mill keeps the spirit of the family-run coffee plantation alive and well.  They offer Coffee Clubs of Hawaii, which makes a nice gift for someone who appreciates coffee.  Enjoying a tour of their mill and farm is a great way to learn ALL about coffee and tea.
Coffee Cup Chalkboard Peel & Stick Wall Decals
Ka Hua O'Kona Estate Coffee Farm (Honaunau, HI) Ka Hua O'Kona Estate Award Winning Kona Coffee is highly prized for its superior quality and exquisitely sweet, smooth and balanced flavor. It is a satisfying, full-bodied, aromatic coffee.  Our coffee tree species is Coffea (that spelling is from their website) Arabica.
Kapulena Coffee Farm 10/2013 Website disabled.  (Hamakua Coast, Hawaii Island, HI) Premium coffee grown, harvested and roasted on their organic farm using no chemicals and no pesticides. Instead they use sustainable farming methods such as powering their processing equipment with photovoltaic, wind energy and rainwater harvesting.  This creates superb processing from cherry to roast, thus resulting in very full-bodied, low acidity coffee - simply the best tasting organic coffee.  Their About Us page explains their farming methods, among other things. 

USA Coffee Company (HQ: Plantation, FL) "USA Coffee Company was established with the goal in mind to roast ONLY coffee grown in the USA.  USA Coffee Company blends are 100% grown in Hawaii.  All of our products, in addition to the coffee, are also Made in the USA."

Coffee Makers Made in the USA

BUNN (Creston, IA)  Here is an article they wrote after ABC News contacted them for their Made in America news report.  Here are some of their coffee makers made in the USA: 


J.L. Huford's Bonjour (Lafayette, IN) French press made in the USA.  Bonjour introduced their first French Press Coffee Maker in 1995. Since then, they have continued to innovate and improve the functionality of their presses. Their superior products have earned them the reputation as specialists in their field.  Read more about their Made in the USA philosophy.  Why use a French Press?  How to use a French Press?  Here is some information to help answer those questions.

Coffee Creamer Made in the USA
* Note: I contacted several companies about their coffee creamers.  These are the ones that responded.  That's why this is not an all-inclusive list.  I post what I can verify to remain a trustful resource for you.

Coffee Mate Creamer (Made in the USA - where in the US is "proprietary")
Ripped Cream Protein Coffee Creamer (Copperopolis, CA) "Ripped Cream coffee creamer is the first ever high-protein, all-natural, gluten-free coffee creamer."

Silk Creamer (Made in USA - need manufacturer code to know where in the U.S. it's made)  I have had this and the Silk Milk and they are really good stuff.  It's like drinking a vanilla milk shake, just not as thick.  It is an acquired taste, so if you are used to drinking cow's milk, it does take some time to get used to the difference in taste.  You can either find it in the milk/dairy section of your supermarket OR in the organic food section if your supermarket has one.
Almond Breeze (CA)  I have had this and Almond Breeze Milk.  This stuff is great!  Just like the Silk Soy Creamer and Milk above, it is an acquired taste so if you drink cow's milk, it does take some getting used to the difference in taste.  You can either find it in the milk/dairy section of your supermarket OR in the organic food section, if your supermarket has one.


Sugar Made in the USA

Florida Crystals (FL) A leading domestic sugar producer.  "We are America’s first and only producer of certified organic sugar, grown and harvested in the United States."

Coffee Mugs Made in the USA

Specialty Photo and Printing (MN) The 11 and 15 oz. mugs are available in ceramic or plastic.
Starbucks Coffee Mugs (OH) For you Starbucks enthusiasts, check their coffee mugs because some of them may just be made in the USA.  YAY Starbucks!
Mug Revolution (Bend, OH) Handmade coffee mugs.  Lead-free glazes.  "The clay that is used to make your mugs is certified 100% non-toxic, and is made from raw materials from the USA."

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